Fabric tmt August 24, 2020


In addition to upholstery and shading services, Talib M Talib And Partner Co is specialized in fabric trading. We supply high quality branded fabric to the localmarket. We supply fabric for car parking shade, canopies, awnings, swimming pool furniture, indoor & outdoor furniture.

Acrylic Fabric
The acrylic waterproof canvas is perfect for all types of indoor and outdoor use. The colors in this fabric are extremely UV resistant and remain permanent and bright for many years. The also has mold resistant qualities (mildew grows on dirt, pollen and other organic matter, so simple routine cleanings will prevent mildew from forming). In addition, the solution-dyed acrylic waterproof fabric can be easily cleaned to remove stains without compromising color. This is suitable for awnings, canopies, pergolas, garden tents, swimming pool furniture.
HDPE Fabric
HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) is a cost-effective designed to be used for parking shades and sail structures. The fabric provides excellent UV and rain protec and Waterproof Coated HDPE. HDPE resistant to chemicals, mildew, rot, or sun
HDPE Fabric
HDPE Fabric
Mustard Yellow
HDPE Fabric
Sky Blue
HDPE Fabric
HDPE Fabric
Desert Sand
HDPE Fabric
Royal Blue
HDPE Fabric ivory
HDPE Fabric aqua-blue
Aqua Blue
Chestnut Brown
HDPE Fabric silver
HDPE Fabric cherry-red
Cherry Red
HDPE Fabric light-green
Light Green
PVC Tarpaulin
Outdoor Furniture
PVC Tarpaulin
Outdoor Furniture Fabric

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Talib M Talib And Partner Co is specialized in fabric trading. We supply high quality branded to the localmarket.

All kind of upholstery and shading services

  • The Major objective of the company is to become internationally provider known brand.
  • Objective is to make sure that all the products are available with Latest technology & have a world class quality.
  • Productivity growth with Employee training, equipment maintenance and new equipment purchases all go into company productivity.
  • Improving the customer satisfaction through quality products, service, retain clients & generate repeat revenue.
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